Thank you for your interest in ScreenShot Assistant!

Please read the following information and contact the author if you'd like any further clarification before buying the registration.

  • Non-registered version adds text "Made with ScreenShot Assistant" to the screenshots.
  • The registration code can be used for one PC only. If you want to use the software on other computers as well, you have to purchase additional registrations (there is discounting).
  • Registration remains valid for future versions of this program as well.
  • I strongly advise you to test the program and make sure it suits your needs before purchasing the registration. Every feature can be fully tested with the unregistered version. For all these reasons, plus the fact that the program does not cost much, refunds are highly unlikely!

License purchase

Purchase is done via ShareIt and costs 20$ + tax.
Here are the purchase forms:

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in Spanish
in Portuguese
in German